The SURPASS team have been working with UniMET project team for some time to incorporate the SURPASS online course as one of the key element of the UniMET platform.

BTEC/Edexcel has now approved the UniMET platform’s core ship officer programmes (Higher National Diplomas - HNDs) and SURPASS as part of UniMET is intended to be piloted in Piri Reis University in the next academic year, 2013-14.

At the meeting in Malta, in parallel with EU Maritime Day event, a decision was made to review the SURPASS course and improve the choreographic videos of the course as planned.  Furthermore, arrangements are made for piloting SURPASS course in several MariFuture maritime institutions.

More news in September 2013.

All those interested in SURPASS please follow developments of UniMET at   SURPASS is now an integral part of UniMET.