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The SURPASS team have been working with UniMET project team for some time to incorporate the SURPASS online course as one of the key element of the UniMET platform.

BTEC/Edexcel has now approved the UniMET platform’s core ship officer programmes (Higher National Diplomas - HNDs) and SURPASS as part of UniMET is intended to be piloted in Piri Reis University in the next academic year, 2013-14.

At the meeting in Malta, in parallel with EU Maritime Day event, a decision was made to review the SURPASS course and improve the choreographic videos of the course as planned.  Furthermore, arrangements are made for piloting SURPASS course in several MariFuture maritime institutions.

More news in September 2013.

All those interested in SURPASS please follow developments of UniMET at   SURPASS is now an integral part of UniMET.


An interview with Professor Reza Ziarati has been conducted and same interview will be published in vocational education magazine of Bahcesehir University in Turkey, click here read in English or in Turkish


5th Issue of Surpass newsletter was produced in September 2012, click here to download.


4th Newsletter was published explaining the progress of the partners from June 2012 to July 2012 at post funding stage. Click here to download the newsletter.


3rd Newsletter was published explaining the progress of the partners from February 2012 to June 2012 at post funding stage. Click here to download the newsletter.


2nd Newsletter was published explaining the progress of the partners from March 2010 to February 2012 at post funding stage. Click here to download the newsletter.


Surpass project was completed successfully and final report has been submitted to Turkish National Agency. Partners are actively working to exploit and sustain the Surpass course at post funding stage.


Final Conference was held in Turkish Industrial Chamber in Turkey. All partners presented their contribution to the project. Over hundred individuals from representing various universities, companies, stakeholders attended the meeting across the world. Audience directed several questions to the project partners and feedback received were positive. At the end of the conference, Prof. Dr. Reza Ziarati presented plaques to partners that contributed to the project.


Final Partner meeting was held at TUDEV. Partners discussed the progress to-date and made preparation for the Final Conference on December 2011.


An article was produced and published at Turkish Shipping magazine. Click here to access the article.


A project leaflet was designed and produced. A thousand copy of printed. Click here to download SURPASS leaflet .


An article was produced and published by SPIN – NASVETI magazine. Click here to access the magazine.


A development paper was produced and published in Marifuture Platform ( . Click here to access the paper.


A paper was produced and published at International Conference IMLA 19 Opatija 2011 on September 2011. Click to read the paper.


The 4th group meeting of SURPASS partners will take place in Finland during the Bridge Conference on 9-11 June 2011.  There are several papers which will be presented by the partners at Bridge 2011 conference.  In day one of the Conference a  paper titled Deficiencies vs. Innovation in Maritime Education and Training (MET) will be presented to set the scene for SURPASS and other related projects followed by a paper on one of the most recurring accidents viz., collision and why such accidents occur.

In day two, several papers will be presented.  The first is on MariFuture – European Platform for Maritime Education.  The concept of SURPASS within the MariFuture will be followed by a paper on Unification of MET in Europe (UniMET) and the role SURPASS is expected to play in a unified MET.  There are several other papers on communication failures which have had some impact on SURPASS.

Bridge conference has given an opportunity for a comprehensive dissemination of SURPASS project in the context of MariFuture.

A paper on SURPASS is accepted for presentation at IAMU 2011.  The IAMU will also be taking place in June 2011.

For more information about Bridge Conference and IAMU Assembly meeting please refer to


SURPASS Third Group Meeting will be held at the end of September 2010 in Rauma, Finland. The Group Meeting will take place aside the 130 Year Jubliee of Maritime Education in Rauma with International guests in attendance. The Jubliee will be between 22.09.2010 and 24.09.2010 in Rauma. This is an excellent opportunity to disseminate the SURPASS project to maritime education professionals.


In August 2010, a Newsletter was produced on the aims and progress of SURPASS Project. This will be forwarded to interested parties with the project questionnaire. Click to see the Newsletter.


Second Project Progress Report was drafted and forwarded to partners to review. This extensive report with a vast number of appendixes was drafted in June 2010. This report contains SURPASS leanring materials.


A paper was presented and published at HPAS 2010 in June 2010. Click to read the paper by Ziarati et al.


SURPASS Group Meeting 2 was held on 23rd and 24th of May 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey. We wish to send our thanks to the whole of the TUDEV team for being excellent host. Please visit Group Meetings page to see the pictures. The Group Meeting took place at the same time as the International Mermaid Congress and this enabled the project to be disseminated at the Congress.

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